LFP 100 Pro Portable Solar Generator System + 120w Solar Panel

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Product Features

A portable solar power generator for those who are only wanting the best. Why you'll love the LFP 100 Pro - Right from the start, there's a lot to love about this mini power plant. It's simple yet powerful. Tuff and rugged yet full-featured. It can be charged just about anywhere and power just about anything. And because it's so easy to use, it's easy to love. A battery that last as long as you will. - LFP 100 Pro not only lets you do more, it lets you do more for longer. Even with its compact design and incredible performance, system has an astounding battery lifespan rating of 5-10 years of daily use. Since the LFP 100 was first introduced, great battery life has been one of the things that makes our LFP systems stand out from the crowd. And - even as we've made it recharge faster and more powerful - that continues to be true today. Its beautifully made. And performs beautifully. - Made from only high-quality materials the LFP 100 Pro systems are exquisitely designed. You can tell just by looking. But from the very first touch, you'll realize there's much more to them than meets the eye. That's because our designers and engineers worked together to create a device that's as remarkable on the inside as it is on the outside. With powerful LiFe batteries, pure sine-wave AC power output, and fast MPPT solar recharging, the true beauty of the system may just be how astonishingly capable it is. The best design. For the best performance. - We designed every aspect of the LFP 100 Pro with performance in mind. From the beginning, the entire structure was built to house the very best high-performance components. The pro model features the most powerful MPPT charge controller we've ever put in a portable solar generator of this size. And the charge controller is capable of accepting power from solar, wind, and hydro renewable energy sources. Despite packing such an enormous amount of power into such a slim design, we still achieved an astonishing 5-10 year battery life when the system is used daily. We also found a way to integrate the highest-quality 1000w pure sine-wave AC power inverter into the military grade Pelican hard case. Alone, each of these elements is an incredible accomplishment. Together, they make LFP 100 Pro the world's most advanced 1000 watt portable solar generator. What Is MPPT Solar Tracking? - The most widely known advantage is an increase in useable power going into your batteries from a photovoltaic array. When a photovoltaic module is connected in a system which has a battery, the battery acts as a limiter to the voltage output of the array. A MPPT charge controller "fools" the panels into producing a higher voltage by "eliminating" their view of the battery in the system. This way they operate on their maximum power point voltage. This allows more power to go into the battery, up to 30% in some instances. Reports from the field indicate that increases of 20 to 30% in total daily solar power harvest are typically observed by using MPPT solar tracking technology vs. systems lacking MPPT technology.

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